Repossession Service

It’s unfortunate, but repossessions are becoming frequently more necessary due to hard financial times.  You need a repossession service that will handle the problem quickly and safely to ensure proper seizure of the collateral in question. 

Our repossession experts will handle your repossession request with the utmost of professionalism, without going rogue the way you see repo companies portrayed on television. 

Safety is always our number one concern, and we will do everything we can to repossess the vehicle to avoid the lengthy and frustrating legal system.

PRG Asset Recovery & Holdings is dedicated to carrying out your request in a professional and organized manner.  We can help you with the repossession of any number of vehicles or other collateral, including:

  • Cars

  • Trucks

  • Motorcycles

  • RVs

  • Water Craft

  • Much more!

When you need repossession service in greater San Antonio area and surrounding areas, call the experts who get results.  Call PRG Asset Recovery & Holdings at 210-745-0964.

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