Texas Repo Facts

Here are some helpful facts that you should know about how repossession laws work in the state of Texas:

  1. It is always best to cooperate with the repo agent.  Arguing or trying to reason with the repo agent will not help your cause, as you will ultimately need to work with the financing company, anyway.

  2. Know your rights.  If you have financed or leased your vehicle, the contract you signed will very clearly outline circumstances that will result in your vehicle being repossessed.  Be sure to read the contract thoroughly, so you understand how it works.

  3. Texas law allows for repossession, even if you are just a few days late.  In other words, if your payment was due May 1st, it’s possible that your car could be repossessed on May 10th, if you still have not made payment.

  4. The financer or leaser of the vehicle is not required to go to court to repossess your car, nor are they required to give advanced notice.

  • The repo agent is allowed to come onto your property to repossess your vehicle, so long as they do not disturb the peace in doing so.  For example: the repo agent cannot break into your locked garage to access the car he is repossessing.

  • Repo men are not allowed, in any way, to threaten or physically harm you while in the act of repossession.  This would be considered Breach of peace.

  • Filing bankruptcy can stop repossession from taking place.  You will need legal assistance to properly file the paperwork, but bankruptcy can give you the leverage you need to maintain possession of your vehicle, amongst other assets.

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